My 8 personal Instagram mobile preset packs are only compatible with the Lightroom Mobile App which is available for free in the App Store.

Created from the wanderlust of each road trip around Utah with my husband. Developed for anyone who loves to create and document from their mobile phone. These presets are designed to work with jpeg and mobile phone images. (For RAW images take a look at my Lightroom Desktop presets.)

Before and Afters below.

lightroom mobile + desktop presets pack

the utah edit

for mobile  £20
for mobile + desktop  £35

arches - for sunny photos

bryce - for warmer shots


cedar breaks - for some peach

monument - for brightening

salt lake - for some PEACH

zion - for some lift

+ Bonus Editing Workshop!

A presets is the Lightroom version of a photo filter. Over the past few years of editing my images to a particular style, I’ve created as series of custom saved presets so that all the adjustments can be applied in one click.

My Lightroom Desktop presets are for photographers who work with RAW files. It’s possible to sync your mobile app with your Lightroom Desktop, you'll need to install them into the desktop version first before syncing over to the mobile app. The mobile exclusive preset packs can be installed directly into your Lightroom Mobile App and work best on JPGs and mobile photos. There are a few differences in the presets to accommodate of the size and quality of mobile phones. However the mobile presets aren’t compatible with the desktop app.

Once your order is complete you'll get re-directed to your download. Then follow these step by step install instructions:

1. Once you've purchase your mobile pack, wait for the download link (one will be emailed to you)
2. Click on the download to download the preset pack zip file (if you are working on iPhones, hold down to open in safari)
3. Once zip file has been downloaded, unzip the file using iZip (which is free from the App Store, or Evernote or whatever zip file app you use).
4. You'll now see the DNG preset files. Open each DNG preset file in Lightroom Mobile.
5. Once you have these DNG files you'll click on the top dots, and choose "Create Preset"
6. Create a NEW preset group called Bry Penney Presets, or just add them to your User Presets.
7. And create a preset for each DNG file, make sure you name them all so you can remember your favourites easily!


purchase for mobile + desktop

All of my presets now come with a free workshop training on how to edit any photo using presets!

coming soon